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Miniso lands deal with Marvel

11. September 2019 11:40 Uhr

Japanese retailer Miniso is set to rapidly expand across Australia, announcing plans to have 100 outlets operating in the country by the end of 2020

By www.toyhobbyretailer.com.au

Adding to its global footprint of 3,869 stores the retailer estimates that up to 10 stores could be opening every month in Australia.

In addition to opening stores across the country Miniso has also signed a worldwide deal with Marvel.

Across 123 countries Miniso stores will be transformed to feature the Marvel merchandise, including the 32 stores currently operating in Australia.

Miniso Australia vice president Richard Li said that the Australian market is key for both the Marvel collection and store expansion.

The five year old retailer sources other licensed products from well-known brands including Hello Kitty, We Bare Bears, Pink Panther, Pantone and Sesame Street.

The business is opening up to 100 stores a month in 80 countries and posted a turnover of US$2.5 billion in 2018.

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