Spielwarenmesse: Schleich’s 85th anniversary celebrations to kick off this month

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Schleich’s 85th anniversary celebrations to kick off this month

06. August 2020 13:25 h

To mark the occasion, the company has unveiled a Limited Edition Golden Lion figure

By toyworldmag.co.uk

  • It’s a big year for Schleich, as the company celebrates its 85th Anniversary. Birthday celebrations kick off this month with the release of a Limited Edition Golden Lion figure.

Created in 1935 and named after founder, Friedrich Schleich, Schleich was originally based in Stuttgart where the company initially made and sold velvet-covered dolls made of wire and wood. The first bendable figures came in 1957, before the world-famous blue Smurfs 1965. In the 1980s, Schleich began producing animal figures; these have formed the core of the business ever since.

Schleich says its Golden Lion, which features a glittering mane, is a symbol of pride and dignity that symbolises the company’s fond reflection on the past 85 years. In addition to its striking golden coat, six colourful brush strokes on its hindquarters reflect the hand-painted finish all Schleich’s figurines enoy. They also represent the six franchise play worlds in Schleich’s current portfolio.

This final anniversary product also represents the pride of the Schleich workforce – the lion was created after employees were given the opportunity to submit their own drawings of what they would like to see as the Limited Edition anniversary creation.

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