Spielwarenmesse: Tomy unveils major marketing investment in Rizmo

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Tomy unveils major marketing investment in Rizmo

31. October 2019 14:55 h

By tnp.media

  • Tomy has revealed major marketing investment in its recently launched Rizmo, the first ever ‘evolving toy’, which will bring it to TV, cinemas, multiple digital channels, kids’ magazines and radio throughout the Christmas shopping period.

The campaign has lots of moving parts, and began ahead of the product’s launch in September, when Tomy promoted Rizmo by working with popular YouTube and social media influencers on a paid basis. This generated a combined viewing figure of five million across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. In addition, the Rizmo PopJam account quickly gained 15,000 followers since its inception.

Rizmo was also previewed by popular YouTube influencers and industry experts prior to launch. It went on to win Best Toy in the Variety toy category at the Tokyo Christmas Toy Trade Show and is included within The Toy Insider’s Top 20 Toys for this Christmas.

Following a six-figure investment, the launch also featured a television campaign, starting in September and continuing to December, featuring slots during ITV2 Family Films in October and a six-week Nick Junior sponsorship from 21 October to 30 November, with TVRs projected to reach above 1,250. Rizmo will also appear in a 12-week cinema campaign featuring advertising slots during screenings of Disney’s Frozen 2, the highest anticipated kids’ movie of the fourth quarter.

A radio campaign with Fun Kids Radio features 350 radio adverts spanning over eight weeks, with six including on-air sponsorship. Rizmo took over the Fun Kids Radio homepage, running online competitions for listeners to win their very own Rizmo, gained over 100,000 impressions.

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