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UK: Christmas Quiet Hour comes to The Entertainer

09. December 2019 13:25 h

Muted music and softer lighting for the first hour of trading every day this month to welcome autistic shoppers and anyone who feels more comfortable away from the hustle and bustle

By tnp.media

  • While other retailers will be turning up the Christmas carols and adding flashing lights, The Entertainer will be turning off its Christmas songs and muting the lights wherever possible for an hour a day.

In order to make the busy, booming Christmas shopping season accessible for everyone, The Entertainer has introduced a Christmas Quiet Hour, taking place every day in its 171 stores across the country.

The initiative aims to create a calmer shopping environment for people with autism and for any shoppers who find the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping an uncomfortable experience. Store staff have also undertaken additional training to help them support customers who may be overwhelmed by the sensory overload that Christmas shopping can be for many.

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