I just need some moving image!

More range through emotional, informative and professionally made films.


The best media to convey emotions and information – not limited to social media – is a well made film.

For many too complicated or simply too expensive to accomplish. Which is a prejudice!

Using stock material (images and sound), combined with an appealing cut, graphical elements and a high-quality sound/music, professionals come up with striking moving images designs that generate real click-rates. But concept development, image- and sound selection really counts.

Only a convincingly produced moving image captures the audience over the first 5-8 seconds. A discipline that is effectively mastered by advertising designers, with their background in the 30 seconds commercial area.
Since decades they had to convince their audience of a product in no time, using a fantastic story and emotional pictures. Because no brand wanted their customers to disappear in the commercial break to get the chips.

I just need some moving image!

Christian Medelnik
Managing Director Creation – Die roten Reiter GmbH

As a managing director of `Die roten Reiter GmbH´, Christian Medelnik is responsible for all creative concepts since 2014. The particular focus here is on communication with film, music and interactive media. 

Previously he was working as a brand coach in Frankfurt and New Zealand for clients such as Absolut Vodka, Jim Beam, Depot. Parallel a communication design degree was started and cared for as a lecturer for the Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand.

From 1997 to 2003 Christian was working as a creative in the area brand communication for McCann Frankfurt/London and Serviceplan Munich. As a Creative Director he was responsible for clients (among others) as DEUTSCHE BANK, GENERAL MOTORS/OPEL, THOMAS COOK, JTI TABACCO and STEIFF Plüschtiere. The professional base for creative work was laid in 1991 at McCann.

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