Toy shopping needs occasions

Toy shopping needs occasions

Whether it’s a birthday or a theme party or graduation – there are numerous occasions for buying special products. According to a study by the German market research institute GfK, 40 percent of all purchases are bound to an occasion and the average receipt is an impressive 33 percent higher of that of a normal purchase.

It is therefore no surprise that retailers and manufacturers are increasingly betting on campaign occasions in order to offer customers products in an experience-oriented and purposeful way. Worldwide, there are over 1000 different campaign days, world days, holidays and days of remembrance that brands can use for their individual communication.

Retail campaign calendar

Photo: STI Group

STI Group’s campaign calendar offers inspiration and occasions for campaigns and events. It can be downloaded free of charge under the following link:

It is also true for toys that most of them are sold for “big” events, such as birthdays or Christmas, according to statista. In addition to atmospheric decorations, customers above all expect orientation. For, when shoppers do not have a specific wish list, they will always ask the same questions: What should we give our ten-year-old godson for Christmas or what would our four-year-old granddaughter be pleased with? Here, retail can provide orientation, impress with advisory expertise and play a part in sustainability.

Dressable displays support occasional promotions

Photo: STI Group

Dressable displays offer the perfect frame for occasional promotions, i. e. secondary placements whose posters can be adjusted to fit different campaigns.

With the dressable shelf display by STI Group, manufacturers and retailers do not have to choose between Halloween or Christmas, for example. The generic body can be re-decorated in an instant.

The same applies to lightweight wood displays that can be put together in a few simple steps without any tools. Even here, individual elements can be replaced easily and the natural look of the untreated wood provides for authenticity.

Offering occasion-related gift packaging

Photo: STI Group

This can be easily implemented in packaging in a similar manner. Therefore, the standard packaging should already be conceptualised in a way that allows for additional elements to be integrated or new motifs to be switched out seamlessly. Slipcases, wrappings or slip-on casings can quickly and easily turn packaging into the emotional eye-catcher of a theme world.

When it comes to themes bound to an occasion, flexibility and speed are essential. With a fitting sleeve or wrapping, packaging can be made to fit several different gifting occasions.

About the author:

Claudia Rivinius is the Marketing Director of STI Group – a leading European manufacturer of sustainable packaging and displays. She has supervised numerous studies on the sales effect of packaging and displays and developed a sustainability scorecard for assessing sustainable concepts.

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