How the TikTok algorithm works

Tips and tricks for more reach

TikTok is becoming a more and more important social media platform for companies. But how can a company reach more people with TikTok videos and increase its range? The key is in understanding the TikTok algorithm: That means knowing how it works and which criteria are decisive when it comes to uploading videos.

What is the TikTok algorithm?

The TikTok algorithm is a complex system that influences the order and visibility of videos on the platform. Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok prefers a non-chronological presentation of content. The algorithm instead analyses user behaviour to create personalised video recommendations. In doing so, it takes a variety of factors into account in order to show users content they are interested in and that will entertain them.

Which criteria are decisive for the TikTok algorithm?

There are various criteria that play a decisive role for the TikTok algorithm. One of the most important factors is user behaviour and interactions. The algorithm closely monitors which videos users watch until the end, which ones they “like”, comment or share with other users. Content that receives predominantly positive reactions and interactions is predominantly displayed in the recommendations and has a higher chance of being seen by a larger audience.

Additionally, the TikTok algorithm also takes the information that is connected to a video into account. This includes the description, subtitle and hashtags. Well-chosen hashtags that adequately describe the content and are relevant can increase the visibility of a video and contribute to its placement in the recommendations.

The quality of the video and its viewers’ involvement are also decisive factors. TikTok prefers videos of high quality and clear sound, appealing visual design as well as a compelling storyline. If users watch the video for a longer time, it will signalise the algorithm that the content is relevant and interesting, which can positively influence a video’s reach.

All of these criteria are continuously evaluated and updated by TikTok in order to improve the user experience and to ensure that the content it shows its users is relevant and appealing to them. By understanding how the TikTok algorithm works and taking the above criteria into account, companies increase the chance of attaining more reach and visibility for their videos on the platform.

How important is TikTok for a company?

In recent years, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms, especially for younger target groups. The platform offers companies the opportunity to get in touch with their target group in a creative and entertaining way and make their brand more popular. TikTok’s reach and viral potential can have enormous effects and make a company accessible to a wide audience.

Overall, TikTok offers companies a great opportunity to improve their brand awareness and build up a loyal fan community. By understanding the TikTok algorithm and following the tips and tricks, companies can effectively increase their reach on the platform and successfully interact with their audience.

Tips & tricks for TikTok as a company

  • Value authenticity: Be authentic and show your company’s personality. Authenticity appeals to users and encourages brand loyalty.
  • Use current trends: Use current trends, challenges and music to increase your popularity and show up in the algorithms recommendations.
  • Encourage interaction: Ask questions, request comments or invite users to duets. Interacting with your target group increases engagement and your video’s ranking.
  • Frequency and timing: Publish content regularly to keep up your presence on TikTok. Also look out for the best times to upload your videos to reach a higher visibility.
  • Do collaborations: Cooperate with other TikTok users or influencers to expand your audience and reach new target groups.
  • Use hashtags wisely: Use relevant hashtags to make your videos easier to be found – but do not go overboard or you will be perceived as spam.

Now, get started. Show the TikTok world what your company has to offer!

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