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There are a host of different ways to dress up for Carnival. At the moment, many adults love the look from the sixties, the seventies and especially the eighties. Shiny shell suits, thick gold chains and neon sunglasses – grab your ghetto blaster and head to the next party. Widmann has added a number of flamboyant pieces to its already wide range, also in neon and vibrant colours. The current trend for individuality is also reflected in our fancy dress. Increasingly, separates such as colourful leggings are being offered so that party-goers can put together their very own styles. With high-quality costumes and accessories in particular, you can then vary your look each year.

Ever-popular favourites for boys and girls


Almost every girl wants to be a princess at some stage – at least for a few hours. With a skirt and cape made of pink tulle, sprinkled with glittering gold dots, Partydeco can turn any young lady into a sweet little princess in no time. The universal size fits children aged three to seven and there is also a black version for those who are not into pink. To top it off, add a crown or headband with stars and a magic wand for an enchanting experience. 

Young boys, meanwhile, are often eager to take on the swashbuckling role of a pirate, and not just since the Pirates of the Caribbean. Team a pirate’s hat made of black cardboard and featuring a skull and crossbones with an eye patch, and they’re good to go. To ensure a Carnival or birthday party to match, Partydeco also has coordinating plates, cups, balloons and everything else needed to make the occasion a success for little princesses and pirates.

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New standards with sustainable balloons

What’s a party without balloons? They create a wonderfully colourful atmosphere and are great for many fun games enjoyed by people of all ages. To ensure you can still hang these bright and airy orbs, hearts, flowers and more with a clear conscience, Gemar has launched a range of balloons that are 100% FSC-certified, along with their paper packaging. You would normally see the FSC logo on paper products made from trees grown in a certified forest. But paper isn’t the only thing that can be made from trees. The natural rubber latex used to make balloons is harvested from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. These trees should also be grown in sustainably managed forests so that they continue to produce their natural milky sap for many years. Thanks to the natural latex and organic dyes, all Gemar balloons are also biodegradable.


Colourful party decorations that instil optimism

Over recent years, the colourful rainbow has become a frequent signifier of hope and diversity. Children in many countries painted rainbows to reinforce the “stay at home” message during the pandemic and hung them in their windows as a sign of solidarity and friendship with other children. This optimistic symbol will continue to play an important role, and rainbows are also great party and table decorations thanks to their vibrant colours. The Good Feelings rainbow from Trendhaus is a spring slinky. Place it on a table, and you’ve got a wonderful eyecatcher that guests will be eager to pick up and play with – a sure-fire way to get people talking and laughing! 


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