Home décor trends inspire toy design

Toys inspired by home décor aesthetics

New generations of homeowners report on making specific efforts to make the look of their house consistent. However, they find this task quite difficult when they have kids. Parents say thinks like: “toys invaded my house and broke the home appearance for good”, and “I intentionally choose toys thinking how they will look in our apartment”.

Mobile Pastel, Plantoys

This last sentence is key. Companies have to realize that parents are increasingly looking for a coherent aesthetic through out their home, so they need to consider home decor trends when deciding the look of a toy. No doubt, there are already some wonderful products in the market that fulfill this need, to name some examples I love the designs of some of Plantoys baby toys. For instance, their Mobile Pastel looks like a piece of art. KidsKraft is definitely applying updated home decor trends to their products, their kitchens look almost real and very present-day. Milaniwood has also a toy that it is very representative of this trend, the Domino Clorophilla, with pieces that can be placed like a wooden decorative bouquet.

Another idea to have in mind is to design toys that can be easily camouflaged in the home. Take for example The Pillow playset by Sago Mini. It seems like a regular pillow that can be placed nicely in the couch, but when the child wants to play with it, it converts into a playset featuring, depending on the theme, a doctors’ office, a kitchen, or a bedroom-bathroom. When the kid has finished the product is easily folded and keep in the home nicely as another decorative item that actually helps embellish the house instead of the contrary.

Sago Mini Pillow Playsets
Learning Wall - Wood Color Wall Activity, Haba

Products for the home with lots of play value

Companies related to children’s products for the home such as furniture, lamps and other types of decorative items have been implementing play features in their designs. The international empire of IKEA has placed HEMMAHOS rug, a product that simulates the street with a hopscotch game in many homes around the world. A similar idea is behind the line of city cotton rugs that H&M is selling or the Dollhouse Bookcase by Pottery Barns Kids.

Toy companies have also realized the interesting opportunities to develop home products as well. They have the knowdledge of what kids want to play with, so they can use that information to create playful even educative products beyond toys. That is the case of Lilliputines with their Goerges club seat, the Shapemat by Elou, or the Wood Color Wall Activity by Haba. Another example is Boon Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls, a beautiful lamp that allows children to take balls that light up so they can take them with them, sleep among them, play changing their colors, et cetera.

Aesthetic toys please kids and parents

To design appealing contemporary toys companies have a great source of inspiration in home decor trends. No doubt, there are plenty of opportunities to create fun toys influenced by these aesthetics, always having in mind both the parents and the kids desires and preferences.

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