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MicroMacro: Crime City

Family game | Publisher: Pegasus Spiele, Edition Spielwiese, Hard Boiled Games | Author: Johannes Sich
Players: 1 -4 | Age: 10 and older | Playing time: 15 to 45 minutes

In the world of board games, new genres are not invented every day. Johannes Sich, the author of MicroMacro, who has so far only made an appearance with his incredible debut, the mafia game La Cosa Nostra, has managed to do so successfully.

MicroMacro: Crime City by Pegasus Spiele, Edition Spielwiese, Hard Boiled Games
MicroMacro: Crime City by Pegasus Spiele, Edition Spielwiese, Hard Boiled Games 

The concept of MicroMacro: Crime City is quite simple: the playing field is a 75 x 110 cm hidden picture puzzle. 16 individual crime cases are hidden in the microcosm of the fictional Crime City which the players can solve together. The game is a fantastic addition to the current trend of murder mystery and riddle games. The cases are varied and thought out well. The playing field is full of countless details which are waiting to be discovered with the included magnifying glass. And the rules are so easy that even the box cover itself invites to solve the first little mystery. With MicroMacro: Crime City, Johannes Sich was awarded the French game award As d’Or 2021 in the category of family games. (Pegasus Spiele, Germany)

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Family game to connoisseur game | Publisher: Kosmos
Author: Michael Menzel
Players: 2 – 4 | Age: 10 and older | Playing time: 60 minutes

The Adventures of Robin Hood by Kosmos
The Adventures of Robin Hood by Kosmos

Successful illustrator Michael Menzel’s first game was published in 2013. While looking for an interesting adventure game to play with his son, he did not find anything that quite hit the mark and thus developed his own. The Legends of Andor was coined "connoisseur game of the year" and created its own little universe. Michael Menzel withdrew from the scene and did not want to develop any more games. Which led to a big surprise when it became announced that he had developed a new cooperative adventure game The Adventures of Robin Hood. He simply wanted to develop the game in his own time, without any pressure or deadlines. In true Andorian spirit, a game full of adventure and above all stories was released: this time around, it even comes with a hardcover book. (Kosmos, Germany)

The NEINhorn - Card game

Kids and family game | Publisher: Kosmos
Author: Marc-Uwe Kling
Players: 2 -6 | Age: 6 and older | Playing time: 15 minutes

Marc-Uwe Kling is a real phenomenon: with the Kangaroo Chronicles, the Berlin-based artist managed to make funny social criticism socially acceptable. His books are so successful that they even made the jump to the big screen, his second novel series Qualityland is going to be an HBO series by the makers of cult figures Beavis & Butthead. The multi-talent is also passionate about board games and has proven this with several games such as Halt mal kurz (Hold up a minute), Game of Quotes, the EXIT case "Die Känguru-Eskapaden" (The kangaroo escapades) or the cooperative quiz game Quiztopia. 

The NEINhorn - Card game by Kosmos
The NEINhorn - Card game by Kosmos

The NEINhorn card gameis a "quickety-quick card game" as the back of the box calls it. The rules are easy to explain: each card shows a character from the well-known children’s book NEINhorn. If one player plays the NEINhorn card, she says: "No!", if the next player plays the princess, he says: "Yes!", when the hamster is played: "Huh?!", and so on. Whoever says the wrong word has to pick up all the cards on the pile. The person to get rid of all their cards first wins. Super easy and really funny because of the resulting dialogue, such as "Huh?! Yes! No! So what?". A small and quick card game for the whole family, a definite recommendation for everyone, not just fans of NEINhorn. (Kosmos, Germany)

Kannste Knicken

Family and connoisseur game | Publisher: Schmidt Spiele 
Authors: Klaus-Jürgen Wrede and Ralph Querfurth
Players: 1 -4 | Age: 8 and older | Playing time: 20 minutes

Along with EXIT games and murder mystery games, one of the biggest trends recently was the genre of roll & write games. A popular representative of the genre is Yahtzee! The players write down the results of their dice rolls and collect points. Schmidt Spiele has released quite a few very successful roll & write games in the "Klein & Fein" (Small & Excellent) series, such as the Clever series by Wolfgang Warsch.

With Kannste knicken, Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, the author of the classic Carcassonne, and Ralph Querfurth expand the roll & write principle to the whole piece of paper by including its back side for the first time. On the front, smiley faces have to be checked off in order for the player to be allowed to fold the corner and then connect the symbols that appear on the back side with each other. The players can simultaneously choose out of a set of special dice. That way, all players are always involved. Different levels with varying degrees of difficulty round off the playing experience. (Schmidt Spiele, Germany)

Kannste Knicken by Schmidt Spiele

City of Angels

Connoisseur game | Publisher: Pegasus Spiele
Author: Evan Derrick | Illustration: Vincent Dutrait
Players: 1 -5 | Age: 16 and older | Playing time: 30 – 150 minutes

With the games "Detective – a crime-solving board game" and "Detective – first cases", Pegasus Spiele opened a new chapter in the very popular genre of crime solving-detective-investigation games and won over players with true immersion, game depth and the feeling of realistic investigations.

City of Angels by Pegasus Spiele
City of Angels by Pegasus Spiele

With City of Angels, you can expect a new highlight in themed investigation games which does not only captivate with its fantastic illustrations by Vincent Dutrait. The game is set in Los Angeles in the 1940s and includes nine individual cases. Contrary to many other crime solving games in which the players work together to solve a criminal case, each player plays an individual LAPD detective and tries to be the first to solve the case in their own way. Another difference compared to most games is that this game has a game master. This player takes on the different roles of people questioned, suspects, and so on and decides how much information they want to reveal to the detective. This creates the feeling of a real interrogation. City of Angels is a game full of secrets, deceptions, bluffs and manipulations – just all the ingredients you would expect from a thrilling, eventful and interactive crime solving evening! (Pegasus Spiele, Germany)

Mission ISS

Connoisseur game | Publisher: Schmidt Spiele
Author: Michael Luu
Players: 1 -4 | Age: 12 and older | Playing time: 90 minutes

Mission ISS by Schmidt Spiele
Mission ISS by Schmidt Spiele 

To be in outer space! Probably not only every kid dreams of floating weightlessly through outer space or traveling to other planets. But science fiction is not what this game is made of: for 15 years, the International Space Station (ISS) has been orbiting around earth and, with its 16 participating nations, is the most important international research project in outer space. Building the giant space station in outer space piece-by-piece and perfectly tuned teamwork between the astronauts and control centres are some of the tasks that must be fulfilled. Only then can the important research be conducted, or malfunctions be evaded – in the real world, as well as in this game. To give an authentic as possible insight into life on a space station, author Michael Luu developed the game in close cooperation with Dr Tom Uhlig from the German Aerospace Center. Just like in real life, the players work together to perform various tasks and install the individual modules to the space station. (Schmidt Spiele, Germany)


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