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Playful immersion in imaginary worlds
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Pink water world

shell cushion from Die Spiegelburg
The shell cushion from Die Spiegelburg transports kids to an underwater world

Even little ones love to have their own cushion to relax and cuddle up with. Cushions with a design also make for pretty decorations and can even transport us to an underwater world. You don’t have to be a fan of Nella Nixe the mermaid to love the pink shell cushion from Die Spiegelburg. The soft surface invites cuddles, the cute embroidered face spreads good cheer, sewn-on appliqués add the glitter factor and the fashionable pompoms make it even cuddlier.

Celebrate llama-style

Llama Party Collection by PartyDeco
PartyDeco invites you to enjoy some “no prob-lama” fun celebrating with its Llama Party Collection

Llamas are undeniably cute, and not just as soft toys. With the Llama Party Collection from PartyDeco, the young and old can enjoy a beautiful llama-themed celebration. There are cactus-shaped paper plates, cups and napkins for the table and a llama to adorn the cake, all under a tassel party banner and surrounded by cacti. Children can don llama masks to become these cuddly friends and take humorous photos of themselves, for example – excellent amusement at any time! A llama-shaped piñata completes the fun decorative ensemble.

Travel in plush comfort

My Buddy Wheels from Brandunit
Bring a friend along when exploring new territory with My Buddy Wheels from Brandunit

Dutch company Brandunit wants to accompany kids on their adventures. My Buddy Wheels are therefore not only fantastic balance bikes that get children mobile, but also cuddly unicorns, dinosaurs and horses that they can mount to ride the land. The bikes have an ergonomic seat and height-adjustable handlebars, while the soft figures are easily removable for washing. Young children can enjoy adventuring and, at the same time, improve their coordination, gross motor skills and balance. When the time comes, they can very easily transition to a bicycle with pedals.

Detailed miniature world

Hobbiton Mill & Bridge diorama from Weta Workshop
The Hobbiton Mill & Bridge diorama from Weta Workshop is packed full of loving detail

Children and adults alike are fans of The Hobbit, a fantasy novel from J. R. R. Tolkien aimed at children, especially with the release of the Peter Jackson movie. We’d all like to visit the idyllic shire with its diminutive, jovial and peace-loving inhabitants, the hobbits. Weta Workshop is bringing the experience to us, at least in miniature form, with its Hobbiton Mill & Bridge diorama. In honour of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the Oscar award-winning company has recreated a small world in high-quality resin with such detail that you can see the water flowing on the mill wheel, feel the old masonry and practically smell the green meadow.

Legendary heroes in 3D

Link by First4Figures
First4Figures produces figures such as Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Kids and teens used to fill their rooms with posters of their idols. Now that we have 3D movie theatres and animations, they love to display three-dimensional characters. First4Figures produces high-quality collectibles under various licences, such as Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. You can now get up close with Link, the main protagonist of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, even if not exploring the land of Hyrule with him and fighting for his kingdom in the game at the time. The figure made of high-quality PVC and standing approximately 25 centimetres high is so detailed that you almost feel the arrow might be released at any moment. 

In addition to collectible characters, collectible vehicles are important – after all, what would Batman be without the Batmobile or the Batwing? From the Marvel Universe, Hot Toys has now produced an authentic 1:6 scale model of the Bat-Pod featured in the movie The Dark Knight Rises. Details such as the weaponry on the front axles, rotatable rubber tyres and front headlights with a battery-operated light-up function are sure to get fans’ hearts beating.

Action, romance and fantasy

make-up with Miraculous Ladybug styling
Child-friendly make-up with Miraculous Ladybug styling is available from KTN Dr. Neuberger GmbH

Girls also want to be superheroes. Female idols are needed, such as Marinette, an ever nice and good-humoured girl from the Miraculous series who transforms into the superhero Ladybug and joins forces with male superhero Cat Noir to stop the villainous Hawk Moth from causing chaos in Paris. To transform into Ladybug, Marinette needs her ladybird earrings and her kwami, a small red-and-black creature, then hey presto, she’s in her red superhero outfit with its bold black dots. KTN Dr. Neuberger GmbH has launched a cosmetics range with formulas that are suitable for children and featuring pretty ladybird styling for Ladybug fans.

Children of all ages love to immerse themselves in other worlds from time to time. They can then try out new things and see what life is like from another side. Imaginative play even inspires learning and helps children to find new insights and solutions in real life.

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