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Bloggers open first doors of toy advent calendars

Advent calendar promotion

In keeping with the current season, the Spielwarenmesse, together with some exhibitors, has provided well-known bloggers and influencers from the toy industry with toy Advent calendars. Fourteen bloggers took part in the campaign and presented the calendars on their social media channels. The colourful mix of the various social networks – such as Instagram, YouTube or the classic blog – is particularly suitable as those channels are very close to the end customers. With this initiative, Spielwarenmesse wants to reinforce cooperation between companies and influencers as a neutral mediator. “Many thanks to the Spielwarenmesse for the great campaign,” lauded blogger Dennis Kopcan of BrettspielSuchties.

Advent calendars with Exit puzzle games are particularly popular this year and have been made available to game-oriented bloggers by Craze, Kosmos and Ravensburger. The influencers considered included, for example, Hunter & Cron and the blog Cliquenabend. Jörg Köninger from the SpieleBlog who displayed a calendar from Kosmos on his YouTube channel, is also aware of the popularity of the Exit Advent calendars. 

SPIELEBLOG Advent calendar EXIT by Kosmos

Moreover, Advent calendars with licensed themes are also in demand, such as Bibi & Tina (Craze), which Mika from the Instagram account received, and Fireman Sam from Simba Toys, which went to the blogs MamaWahnsinnHochVier  and Little Boys Outside. “Advent calendars are taking on an increasingly central role in the already important Christmas business,” explains Peter Stein from Craze. The product manager adds: “We’re all the more pleased that Spielwarenmesse, as a partner of the toy industry, is now bringing exhibitors and committed bloggers closer together on a neutral level – a great campaign and very worthy of support, especially in these times.”

promovierterpapa BRIO Advent calendar 2020
promovierterpapa BRIO Advent calendar 2020

The so-called ‘kidfluencers’, who cannot attend the Spielwarenmesse® themselves due to age restrictions, also benefited from the campaign. For example,  Lulu und Leon from the YouTube channel of the same name reported on an Advent calendar from Craze and a Hot Wheels calendar from Mattel. The Instagram account mami_andme from the YouTube channel of the same name reported on an Advent calendar from Craze and a Hot Wheels calendar from Mattel. The Instagram account.

Dr Mark Leonard from Promovierter Papa (Phd Dad) showed his Instagram community, for example, a calendar from Brio. V-Tech also launched an Advent calendar for small children, which went to Sladjana Jekic (Instagram: and BenMasterToys.

tinischnickschnack_tiktok PollyPocket Advent calendar 2020
tinischnickschnack_tiktok PollyPocket Advent calendar 2020

And the fact that such products aren’t just something for children was demonstrated by Tini Schnickschnack, known through TikTok, who presented a Polly Pocket calendar on Instagram TV. It came with a special feature: instead of the 24 doors that are normally used in Germany, here there were 25. “That's probably because this is an American calendar,” she told her followers. Whether with 24 or 25 doors, the countdown to the loveliest time of the year will certainly be a highlight with toy Advent calendars.

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