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Bandai Namco puts toy and game divisions merger in motion with new president


The wheels have been set in motion of a restructuring at Bandai Namco that will see the Japanese corporation merge its toy and gaming units ‘to better leverage its many IPs’ such as Pac-Man, Dark Souls, and Tekken.

Upon the release of its latest financial results, Bandai Namco confirmed that company veteran Masaru Kawaguchi was to move into the role of president and representative director, and lead ‘a new strategic direction’ at the company.

This direction includes pushing through plans to merge its toy and games business, reflecting what it has billed in a statement issued to the press as ‘a new era of dramatically changing sense of values and lifestyles.’

From April this year, Bandai Namco will push forward with these previously announced plans, part of which will see the corporation reduce its operating units from five to three.

Kawaguchi will assume his new role after a one year tenure as part-time director for all Bandai Namco Entertainment.

As part of the move, the Toys and Hobby Unit and Network Entertainment Unit will be merged into the Entertainment Unit. Meanwhile, the Visual and Music Production Unit and IP Creation Unit will be merged into the IP production Unit. Finally, the Real Entertainment Unit will be renamed Amusement Unit.

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