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CAMP brings an interactive space experience to its NYC flagship store

CAMP, the toy retailer best known for its themed experiential events for kids, is opening Cosmic Camp on Sept. 6 at its New York City flagship location on 5th Ave. As implied by its name, this activation will feature different interactive, space-related environments including ice caves, lava, and alien landscapes.

This is CAMP’s first adventure experience, and it partnered with Future Colossal to bring physical and digital elements to life using augmented reality (AR) and projection-mapping technology. Future Colossal has worked on hits such as the Wilderness Society’s pop-up Arctic Refuge Experience. Future Colossal helped recreate an icy landscape with sensory features including atmospherics, customized scents and flooring, 4K footage from documentaries, and nearly 66 million-pixel video projection.

Cosmic Camp will utilize many of these same technologies. Families can enjoy interactive experiences together that will unfold across space stations, asteroid fields, and other immersive worlds. First, groups will enter through a tunnel to arrive at the LaunchPad. Then, with the press of a button, explorers will see smoke billowing and flames erupting as they enter space. Kids can then familiarize themselves with the space station by climbing up into it. The station extends throughout the entire experience to serve as a teleportation tube.

Then, as groups enter deep space, they can throw incoming asteroids into black holes to collect coins. Explorers can also control remote rovers by using joysticks, helping them navigate various alien landscapes to get more coins. Players can keep track of their points and overall totals using the daily leaderboard. Each individual will also wear a space communicator that transmits every person’s points.

Finally, space cadets will brave both the hot and the cold in the ice caves and lava pools. The ice caves are nestled in a hard-to-find corner, and this secret location offers mind games and visual awe. The caves are filled with illuminated symbols that match crystal-stalagmite-like drums in front of them, which create some chilling music. The opposite climate to visit is the lava pools, a 360-degree interactive space featuring projection-mapped pools and physical obstacles where families can play their favorite “the floor is lava” game.