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Canal Toys launches innovative new Anti-Bacterial Slime

The new range lets kids sanitise their hands while enjoying the tactile AMSR experience of slime


Canal Toys, the company behind fun make-it-yourself ranges including So Slime DIY, So Sand DIY and So Bomb DIY, is preparing to launch its latest product – Anti-Bacterial Slime.

With the Covid-19 pandemic raging on across the globe, the need for enhanced hygiene and cleanliness, especially hand washing and sanitising, is more important than ever.

Canal’s Anti-Bacterial Slime is unique and the first of its type to hit the market. The product is the result of a long period of R&D, testing and certification, starting before Covid-19 emerged. The company has been able to accelerate its launch plans, meaning Anti-Bacterial Slime is now ready to hit shelves and countertops in February. Each pocket-sized metal tin contains a generous amount of the non-sticky, super stretchy slime compound, which kills up to 99.99% of bacteria on hands – the same as commercially available gels or foams. This makes the now-routine practice of hand-sanitising fun and enjoyable for kids, as well as those who may find the sensation of gel unpleasant. The slime can be used over and over, as the anti-bacterial properties last up to one month, and the slime is fully EN71 and EN1276 tested.

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