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Capstone Games launches Family Brand division with two new titles for emerging audiences


The popular US board game publisher, Capstone Games has outlined its move into the family gaming arena as it ‘accomodates a wider audience’ with the launch of Juicy Fruits and Rorschach.

The two new titles will be launched under Capstone’s new Family Brand, a division that has been established in direct response to the ‘expanding board gaming industry’ and as the next step in its ongoing mission to “bring people together through gameplay.”

The Ohio-based Capsone Games is traditionally known for a portfolio of deep strategy tabletop titles under its Simply Complex brand, or various titles that focus on rail network development under its Iron Rail moniker.

Under its Family Brand launch, games will now skew to a younger audience of more casual players, a move in line with the surge in popularity of board gaming and rise in demand for the hobby to have emerged over the course of the pandemic.

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