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Discovery makes a splash with multiple licensing deals for Shark Week

As Shark Week lurks around the corner, merchandising partners are looking to take a big bite of this Discovery program’s hype with releases of apparel, accessories, toys, food, and more.

Veteran partners such as Mattel, Bright Kingdom Development (BKD), and Dan Dee are returning to the Shark Week merchandising waters. Joining the ranks of this licensing herd are newcomers such as DEVOUR Frozen Foods, Pura Vida, and Crazy Shirts, among others.

Mattel is diving back into the Shark Week scene with a themed UNO deck set, featuring ferocious shark images and special “attack cards,” available now at Walmart, Kroger, and Amazon. Plush shark toys by Dan Dee will also be making a comeback for this year’s Shark Week summer, with a contribution in its 7-inch backpack Mako clip, available at Walmart.

BKD is returning with a Megalodon-sized line of shark playsets, including the Shark Adventure Playsets, Mega Shark Expedition Playset, Underwater Exploration Set, and Mobile Shark DNA Lab Playset, among others. These playsets include various shark species and diver figures, rafts, boats, and other applicable accessories. These sets will be available at CVS and Costco Canada.

Apparel and accessories will also be making a splash in the kids merchandising category. Knockaround Sunglasses has returned with new designs for kids’ sunglasses and apparel, while the newcomer Crazy Shirts is set to release an exclusive line of apparel for adults and kids in its original art style. Other partners - such as DEVOUR Frozen Foods, Pura Vida, and G Mason Group - will round out miscellaneous categories in the Shark Week licensing frenzy, with contributions ranging from Shark Week packaging for frozen meals to themed pet toys.

Shark Week is airing on the Discovery Channel through July 18.