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DKB Toys & Distribution on mission to re-shape UK toy business with Norton PR


DKB Toys and Distribution is on a mission to re-shape the way in which the UK toy market does its business by becoming the ‘one-stop-shop for the biggest and best toy brands on the scene.’

This ambitious vision belongs to DKB Toys and Distribution MD Chris Lohmeyer who, having founded the company only last year, has since appointed Norton PR to spearhead its consumer and trade communications across the portfolio of brands it will be launching this year.

Under the new partnership, the kids and family specialist agency, Norton PR, will provide support across DKB own-brand Crazy Forts, alongside the Alex Global Brands range that will be introduced to the UK market this summer.

Reportedly already a hit at retail with over 300,000 units sold across the US and Canada, Crazy Forts is a simple, yet innovative product that offers vast scope for PR, digital and social. All of which will fall under Norton’s 360 degree PR approach.

Meanwhile, Lohmeyer has been vocal in his belief that 2021 offers an opportunity to re-shape how the UK toy market does business, and is looking to promote what DKB can offer to an evolving landscape.

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