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Exploding Kittens moves into NFTs, 3D printing space

The game maker is launching NFTs that can be used to print a collectible box for its newest kids card game, Happy Salmon.

LA-based game maker Exploding Kittens is blending the worlds of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and 3D printing in a new partnership with Seattle-based 3D laser printing startup Glowforge.

The companies are introducing limited-edition printable NFTs for Exploding Kittens’ latest card game Happy Salmon, which launched last November.

The NFTs, 10 in total, can be used to print a collectible hardwood box that ties into the game for kids ages six and up. Only the NFT owner can print the design file - either by using their own Glowforge printer or getting a mail-out print from Glowforge - and the collectible box can only be printed once. (Exploding Kittens’ card games are known for coming in unique boxes, including one that meows and another that has to be shaved with a razor.) The strategy creates a new way for designers, artists and creators to share their work, according to a release.