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Falcon’s Beyond announces BeyondME platform to bring digital and real-world experiences into metaverse

Powered by proprietary, patent-pending technology, experiences will be interconnected across Falcon’s theme parks, resorts, e-commerce, online games and more

Falcon’s Beyond has announced BeyondME, a new fan loyalty and online game platform that will enable players of all ages to connect, personalize and be rewarded for their engagement across both digital and real-world experiences. BeyondME will be powered by Falcon’s own patent-pending ÄEONXP technology, designed to transform individual experiences into a connected and persistent gaming ecosystem that extends engagement, creates player agency and encourages repeat visitation.

BeyondME will encourage players to gain experience points as virtual currency, called XP, by participating in a variety of real-world experiences across Falcon’s properties and virtual experiences within the BeyondME web app, and by playing BeyondME-enabled online games. XP can also be earned on purchases at Falcon’s physical retail locations and on its e-commerce store, currently in development.

Falcon’s has teamed up as an official developer partner with Ready Player Me, a company based in Estonia that creates avatars in virtual worlds (“Ready Player Me”), to integrate its cross-game avatar platform into BeyondME. Players will be able to use a selfie to instantly generate their Ready Player Me avatar for use in BeyondME, and then personalize their digital likeness with hundreds of customization options such as new clothing, accessories, hairstyles and more. Players will also be able to either spend the XP they’ve gained or directly purchase additional customizations for their avatars. On mobile devices, players will be able to use augmented reality to take selfies posing as their avatars and control their movements and interactions with real world environments. Ready Player Me avatars will be interoperable across Falcon’s experiences as well as thousands of other compatible games and applications utilizing the Ready Player Me platform.

BeyondME interactivity and experiences will be enabled across the forthcoming Falcon’s Beyond Destination | Punta Cana, opening in late 2022 or early 2023, anchored by Falcon’s Resort by Meliá | All Suites Punta Cana, a 5-star all-inclusive resort, and Katmandu Park | Punta Cana. Guests of the resort and theme park will receive BeyondME’s smart wearable technology that will allow them to access their profiles, rooms and park passes, and conduct cashless transactions and interact with various attractions and experience touchpoints across the properties. BeyondME will provide the opportunity for personalized content and functionality inside select interactive rides and attractions. Global leaderboards and rankings for various BeyondME-enabled online games and interactive attractions will be available online and displayed across Falcon’s properties.

BeyondME will offer extended benefits for members of MeliáRewards, the Meliá Hotels International loyalty program. Linking a MeliáRewards membership to BeyondME will provide additional opportunities to gain XP, and a MeliáRewards member’s level will automatically unlock the corresponding BeyondME Level-UP tier.