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Game Designers Meeting 2021

On May, 8 th 2021 the webpage will go online. All publishers participating in the event will be listed there. By clicking on the logo, the publishers give information how to get in contact to introduce your games.

Each publisher will organize this in its own way. From this point, appointments can be made. In addition, SAZ offer participating game designers the opportunity to present themselves in a short form.

To be part in the presentation just send an email to with these details:

    • Name
    • Image to give your name a face (maximum 350 pixels/3 cm width and height)
    • Introductory text (maximum 400 characters), here you can formulate your own main points and give references to current prototypes
    • E-Mail address for contacting
    • if desired, preview image to arouse curiosity about a prototype (maximum 350 pixels/3 cm width and height, shown in the example on the
    • if desired, link to the author profile on the SAZ page

Please keep in mind, all information will be available within a summarized document accessible to all participating publishers and authors via a password-protected subpage. By sending them, consent is given to save and publish this data.

SAZ: "In addition, everyone should consciously decide how much information about prototypes is given in text and image form. Please note that you ultimately have no control over who receives this information. Access to the file is password-protected and will only be made available to registered participants - but this is no guarantee that your presentation will not leave this group of people.