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GoNoodle, Tonies join the mindfulness movement with meditative music and audio stories

Mindfulness has become an important skill for kids to learn and practice over the course of the pandemic. One of the best ways to help them tune in to their emotions is by tuning up their music.

GoNoodle and Tonies bring the best of both worlds together with the Mindfulness Starter Set Toniebox. This screen-free audio box encourages kids to relax, take a moment, and meditate to fun tales and tunes.

A Toniebox is a kid-friendly portable speaker that helps kids listen to music and stories on the go. These speakers come with Tonies, which are colorful figurines that are used to power the Toniebox. All kids have to do is put their Tonie on the Toniebox to play their music, and press the two ears atop the box to lower or increase the volume. They can also tilt the box to the left to rewind the stories, to the right to fast forward, and they can take the Tonie off to pause their music.

The Mindfulness Starter Set Toniebox features over 30 minutes of GoNoodle’s signature mindfulness and movement songs, including “Rainbow Breath,” “Squatchy Nap Time Story,” and more. Kids can pair the GoNoodle Tonie with their matching blue Toniebox to embark on a calming meditative journey whenever they need it. GoNoodle’s interactive, mindful content is right at their fingertips.