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Hong Kong’s refusal to ease Covid rules dismays business chambers

International business leaders and consulates have urged the outgoing Carrie Lam to ease the region’s restrictions, to no avail

Hong Kong’s outgoing chief executive, Carrie Lam, has explicitly stated that she won’t ‘give in a single inch’ to calls from business groups to relax the regions strict Covid-19 quarantine and testing measures.

Speaking at a press conference last week, Carrie made it clear she felt the risk posed by coronavirus had not abated, telling those assembled that cases have risen to more than 800, up from 200. As of Sunday 19th June, that figure was more than 1,200.

She also stated that relaxing the rules, only for tougher ones to be introduced in a few weeks – a possibility once the new administration, overseen by former chief secretary John Lee Ka-chiu, takes office on 1st July – would ‘create a lot of confusion and uncertainty for people’.

Her words will only add to concerns among the international community that travel to Hong Kong remains untenable at the moment. This is particularly true of the toy community, many of whom were hoping a reasonable compromise would be found that would allow overseas business and buying trips to go ahead in the coming months.