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Kids International Marketing to represent Pugs at Play


Pugs at Play is Striders FZ’s flagship brand, a comprehensive range of animated plush that has enjoyed huge success in the Middle East.

The Pugs at Play range is currently made up of 23 different animated plush animals and was launched by UAE based toy company, Striders, in the UAE and other Middle Eastern markets in 2019.

The range self demonstrates in store and online and is made up of Walking Pugs, Meowing Cats, Hopping Bunnies and Talking Hamsters, as well as five different Peek-a-boo characters plus Walking Talking Dinos & Penguins.

Pugs at Play is a comprehensive range of animated plush that is easy to merchandise, has as a complete brand identity and has proven itself to be a sell through success.  With competitive pricing, the range delivers attractive price points with good margins and attractive packaging.

There will be 15 new designs launched in 2021; these are expected to arrive mid-year.

Kids International Marketing’s UK & Ireland sales team of Wendy Wood, Nigel Deacon, Tony Eves and McCabe Marketing & Sales are ready to present the range to interested retailers.

With the exception of one or two markets already established, Kids International Marketing is looking to appoint exclusive distribution partners and agents for other overseas territories.

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