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Lego Group lets kids direct holiday campaign, including Katy Perry

Lego has always put kids in the driver’s seat - and, at holiday time, their voices are more important than ever

The Lego Group launched its biggest holiday campaign to date, turning to the most creative minds on the planet: kids. They were handed creative control behind the cameras, building, unbuilding, and rebuilding what the holidays mean to them. Instead of typical, picture-perfect images, the kids chose to design, build, and bring to life a vehicle to help them deliver presents and bring the community together.

The film shows kids using play to navigate their way and overcome any obstacles that arise on their journey to deliver the gifts. The overarching campaign highlights that play is the best way to bring people together. This chosen narrative was rooted in new research from the Lego Group, which found that the vast majority (84%) of kids wish they could play more with their parents.

Pop artist Katy Perry jumped on board - literally and figuratively - to supervise the kids. As an avid Lego fan and collector, on top of lending her face to the campaign, Perry lends her hit “Firework.” She dons an outfit inspired by Lego bricks and greets the kids on a larger-than-life Lego vehicle they just created together using the Lego System in Play.

Developed by the creative team from the Lego Agency, the fully integrated holiday campaign will run across a variety of channels and in Lego stores across 35 markets. It’s the first time a celebrity has been featured in one of the Lego Group’s holiday campaigns and will be supplemented by further content featuring Perry.