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Master Moley “will drive major toy lines” in licensing roll-out, but timing will be everything


The new British-made children’s property, Master Moley – that witnessed a successful premiere on WarnerMedia’s Boomerang channel just last month – has been the focus of ‘several proactive approaches from publishing and toy partners’, as the creative team behind it promises to be meticulous in its licensing strategy.

Master Moley made its debut in November as a TV special on the Boomerang channel that launched to more than 100 territories across EMEA. Following a ‘phenomenal start’, the show’s creator James Reatchlous is among the team now in production on a full Master Moley animated series.

The Misadventures of Master Moley will comprise 52 episodes and will continue the adventure of Master Moley and his friends. In addition to this, a feature-length film is also in development.

Master Moley follows the adventures of the titular hero, a mole residing under the foundations of Windsor Castle, who finds himself on far-flung escapades as children and audiences travel with him, exploring the world and different cultures.

Reatchlous has revealed that the new animated TV series will take place in different countries in order to “widen the appeal”.

Hitting the global audience is a large box for Reatchlous and the team around him to tick off first, and the creator is being carefully savvy about the way in which he engages with it. Last month, the property made its first real licensing move when it launched itself onto the Roblox gaming platform.

Launching to Roblox before the TV special aired on Boomerang was Reatchlous’ strategy for building an organic audience for the brand before it made its on-screen debut.

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