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Mattel reveals first look at ‘Barbie: Big City Big Dreams’

A new Barbie adventure is coming to Netflix this fall

Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams is the latest expansion into the Barbie universe, and it’s set in the heart of New York City. Everyone’s favorite blonde icon, Barbie Roberts, travels from the West Coast to East Coast to pursue her dreams of music at Handler School for Performing Arts in the big city. In her classes, she meets … Barbie Roberts. Yes, you read that right. The two are nicknamed after their hometowns, “Malibu” and “Brooklyn”, as not to mix them up.

They quickly bond over shared dreams of Broadway and stardom and will be joined by new characters, Emmie and Rafa. Emmie, Brooklyn’s childhood friend, is a fellow classmate at the school, and is also a secret popstar. Throughout the movie, she has to conceal her identity. Rafa, a whirlwind fashionista, becomes a companion of the Barbies. He creates costumes, gives great advice, and is absolutely in love with his dog, Gato.

As kids prepare to watch the epic Spotlight Solo showdown in Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams, they can also look forward to a new Mattel line of dolls, playsets, and accessories launching this fall.