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Mattel to open first Mission Play! Centre in Berlin


The Mission Play! centre will open in Berlin in 2022, part of the re-launch of Potsdamer Platz as a leading entertainment destination in the city.

The centre will be the first of its kind in Europe, bringing to fruition the first steps in global plans first drawn up several years ago, that had been put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Berlin Mission Play! centre will see the Mattel branded attraction serve as an anchor tenant for the redevelopment. Jonathan Doughty of shopping centre operator ECE Maketplaces commented: “Shopping centres are increasingly turning into shopping, leisure and entertainment destinations where people can meet, make new experiences and spend their free time.”

The 4,000sq m centre will bring Mattel’s iconic brands to life through themed zones for Barbie, Hot Wheels and Mega Bloks. The centre will combine physical and digital play experiences as well as offering educational programmes, events and experiential retail. Visitors are invited to join Barbie in a world where ‘You Can Be Anything’, take on a challenge with Hot Wheels and exercise their imaginations when building amazing creations with Mega Bloks.

The Mattel-branded family entertainment centre will play a key role in the relaunch of the iconic Potsdamer Platz as a premier lifestyle, food and entertainment destination for all age groups in Berlin city centre.

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