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PlayMonster, Hasbro expand partnership for Playskool ‘reimaginings’

The Weebles are about to wobble back to retail

Wisconsin-based PlayMonster expanded its pact with Hasbro in a new deal to “reimagine” some classic preschool toys under the Playskool brand. Beginning next year, PlayMonster will grow its presence in the preschool aisles with Playskool Weebles, Playskool Glo Friends, Playskool Little Wonders, and The Original MagnaTab. The new deal is the third relaunch from PlayMonster and Hasbro following Spirograph and Koosh.

Glo Friends is “a community of adorable, tiny, glow-in-the-dark bugs” inspired by the classic Glo Worm brand. Little Wonders are sensory playsets made from sustainable wood that feature pops of color, lights, sounds, and music. The Original MagnaTab is a Montessori-learning, sensory-based drawing tablet that uses magnets and a stylus to teach letters, shapes, and numbers in addition to engaging kids’ freedom of expression for open-ended freestyle drawing. Finally, the Weebles are the classic, roly-poly brand with the iconic tagline of “Weebles wobble but they won’t fall down” — character figures with kinetic action that have been around since the 1970s.

PlayMonster says that it plans to grow the preschool brand through the reintroduction of key sub-brands and new products in the years ahead.