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Playtime PR joins UK industry support of London play charity The Toy Project

The London toy and play charity The Toy Project has welcomed support from the UK toy industry specialists, including the PR and communications expert, Playtime PR who has added its name to the growing list of sponsors of the organisation’s brick and mortar workshop and therapy space, The Play Room.

The Toy Project recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to help it raise money and support of a new site in London, through which it would host a community space for play therapy, LEGO-based therapy, workshops, storytelling, and games nights.

The Play Room, was to become the permanent home for workshops run by the group that until now have taken place in rooms rented within the local area.

The Toy Project is the team behind a community run shop in London’s Junction Road where it sells new and used toys as well as provides families in need with free toys and books. The group has made it its mission to rescue unwanted toys from being sent to landfill by rehoming them with local families and children.

Playtime PR has become one of a number from within the UK’s toy industry to offer its support to the campaign through a one month sponsorship initiative that will help keep the doors to The Play Room open to local children and families in need of its resources.

Founded by Jane Garfield, The Toy Project also runs a shop in Archway, North London through which it encourages people to donate unwanted toys, and purchase used toys rather than new. It also invites local school groups to learn about the importance of recycling and reusing toys, and donate them to prevent them ending up in landfill.