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Searchandising is becoming a discipline on its own

Merchandising is a critical part of the search journey and searchandising is becoming a discipline on its own. Search is a strong driver of sales and revenue. Amazon’s conversion rate shoots up 6x when visitors do a search (for Walmart 4x).

Many Online Shoppers don’t browse retail sites using navigation, their product discovery process starts with site-search. In fact, an average of 30% of shoppers use site-search and those who buy are 91% more likely to use site-search than those merely browsing.

The percentages increases dramatically on mobile - where limited screen real estate puts product search in the limelight. Searchandising blends the concepts of On-site Search and Product Merchandising. Fundamentally its about augmenting established search techniques - faceted search / navigation, autocomplete, recommended products, recent searches, related queries, etc. with behavioral data and automation in order to create a seamless, personalised, unique and highly profitable product search experiences.