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SES Creative offsets CO₂ footprint with purchase of European forests


SES Creative is making its entire business operations CO₂-neutral by purchasing and managing European forests to offset its full CO₂ consumption.

The company is aiming to significantly reduce the its footprint, a process which is taking place step by step, by applying smart innovations and optimizing production, logistics and other business processes.

A family run company that has been producing arts & crafts, pre-school and outdoor products since 1972, SES Creative develops, designs and manufactures all products in its bespoke 20,000m2 site in Holland. With the strength of soaring demand behind it, the company is set for further growth.

In order to make its entire business operations CO₂-neutral, the company is undertaking the purchase and management of European forests. In this way, SES Creative can offset its full CO₂ consumption and supply 100% CO₂-neutral toys.

So far, SES Creative has purchased various threatened or neglected forests in Central Germany, which are then being improved and managed using natural methods. This forest management also creates jobs and ensures the recovery of nature and various animal species. Locally, the company has joined forces with others that support its initiative to hire a forest manager, who works to improve the diversity of the forest, and therefore the entire ecosystem, by planting new trees.

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