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Simba Dickie Group successful with Chi Chi Love animation series

Swedish creative team delighted with YouTube award  

When describing a marked trend in the toy industry two years ago, Michael Sieber, Managing Partner of the Simba Dickie Group said: “We can clearly see the ever-increasing fusion between the toy and the entertainment sectors.”

The international toy manufacturer responded to this development, by acquiring a Swedish company, featuring a seven-strong animation team led by Pelle Ferner, which brought with it extensive experience and contacts in the world of entertainment. The Swedish company has been operating as ‘Kid E Media AB’ since 2018 under the leadership of Managing Director Felix Stork, who also acts as Corporate Marketing Director for the Simba Dickie Group.

The team has now been able to celebrate its first major success with the Chi Chi Love animated series. The stories revolve around the entertaining adventures of various small dogs. Each episode is seven minutes long and packed full of awesome and hilarious action. The mixture of 3D and 2D elements, in particular, makes the series very special and unique. With the 10 episodes to date, the creative team has been thrilling children all over Europe, amassing over 100 million views on YouTube in the process. They have now received an award after gaining one million subscribers to the Spanish YouTube channel.

Felix Stork reports on the accompanying marketing measures: “This hugely popular series can be viewed throughout Europe on YouTube and on YouTube Kids. Needless to say, we have also placed TV and online ads for Chi Chi Love.  An advent calendar and augmented reality filters are also available, and fans can stream our Chi Chi Love music album on the digital channels of Spotify and Apple Music. Further, six more episodes are planned for 2021.”

Maximilian Stork, Director Product Management & Design at Simba Toys, is responsible for the real-life toy Chihuahuas for children aged three years and over: “Our strategy has proven successful. Since allowing children to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of Chi Chi Love through the animation series, the demand for our toys has grown considerably. And the creative teams continue to inspire each other. We now also offer toy dogs based on ideas from the series.”