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Study: People want to shop in stationary shops again

72 percent of  consumers worldwide expect to shop in brick-and-mortar shops again to a greater extent after the COVID 19 pandemic. This is according to the new report "What Matters to Today's Consumer" by the Capgemini Research Institute.

The rise in e-commerce over the past two years has also been based on consumer health concerns and a desire to avoid physical shops. This year's study shows that the trend towards online shopping is now stagnating.

This makes it clear that e-commerce will not completely replace brick-and-mortar retail: The majority of consumers (72 percent) expect to shop in physical shops again to a significant extent after the pandemic has subsided. This even exceeds the figures before the COVID 19 crisis (60 percent).

Consumers of all ages expect to interact more with physical shops than with online shops after the pandemic. Older consumers, the Baby Boomers, are the most likely to shop in-store (76 percent), while Generation Z is the least likely (66 percent).

The nature of these interactions is changing, however, as the distinction between online and in-store becomes more blurred. For example, 22 per cent of post-pandemic consumers want to order more with click-and-collect (order online and pick up in shop). This trend is most pronounced among Millennials (33 percent) and least pronounced among Baby Boomers (11 percent).

The study shows: Shopping in physical shops will not disappear. No one seriously expected that to happen.

What this study clearly shows, however, is that the hybridisation of retail is in full swing. Offline shops are being assigned other roles: they are logistics hubs, showrooms and advertising media. Creativity, experience, additional services characterise the spaces. And no longer the turnover per square metre.

Falling rents enable new concepts, digital structures and effective processes create the basis for meeting the needs of hybrid shoppers.

Retailers who implement this and make omnichannel their DNA will be the winners of the new desire to shop.