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‘ThunderCats’ Heads to the big screen from ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ director


Another one of the most popular toy lines of the ’80s is getting the big-screen treatment.

Following the successful international launch of Godzilla Vs. Kong over the weekend, director Adam Wingard inked a deal with Warner Bros. to helm ThunderCats. In an interview with Deadline, Wingard explains that ThunderCats has been a passion project since he was 6-years-old and that in high school he penned a 272-page screenplay that he hoped to one day develop into a feature film.

ThunderCats launched in the early 1980s as an animated series from Rankin-Bass alongside an extensive toy line from LJN. It’s been rebooted in animation a couple of times and the toys have been relaunched - mostly in collector-focused lines - several times over the past 20 years. Most recently, Super7 has found success with ThunderCats offerings across its Ultimates! and ReAction lines.

Warner Bros. previously explored a ThunderCats feature film back in 2009 but the project never moved forward.

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