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Toikido talks

“Video game licensing is in the best health of any entertainment platform”

Fresh from welcoming the latest major gaming IP to the fold in the form of the British indie game developer’s multiplayer title, Gang Beasts, there’s a palpable and persistent excitement among the Toikido team right now. This was an outfit that, upon launch last year, promised to turn the toy and licensing sector on its head.

So far, having turned around a successful toy line based on one of the biggest gaming franchises of the past two years, within a record-setting six months (navigating a pandemic and shipping chaos out of China along the way), Toikido’s debut product portfolio for the Among Us IP appears to have done just that.

Straight out of the box, the Among Us toys have been subject to rave reviews online from across the markets, hitting demand in a timely fashion as retailers now begin to reap the benefits of the Toikido model. It’s why expectations are now high for the team’s follow up property, and why excitement levels are even higher; all for a game that is yet to receive an ‘official’ launch. catches up with Toikido co-founder, Darran Garnham for a quick run through of all the latest.