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Toon2Tango awards television and on-demand rights of "Monster Loving Maniacs" to CBBC

Toon2Tango and Mondo announce another sale for the adventure-comedy spectacular "Monster Loving Maniacs" (52x11'). The series will air in time for Halloween on CBBC, the UK's leading free TV channel for children aged 6-12.

The series follows three siblings, Edith, Ernest and Bo, as they are trained by their grandfather Arthur to become monster hunters. The children are big fans of monsters and love dangerous, paranormal creatures, which is not quite what their grandfather had in mind. So as soon as Grandpa takes one of his many naps, they look for a way to save the monsters instead of hunting them.

"Monster Loving Maniacs is an animated series for 6-10 year olds and delivers great entertainment with lovingly animated stories, but also excitement, wit and of course lots of monsters and, of course, lots of monsters" (Toon2Tango). But the show is also dedicated to more general themes such as families, relationships and dealing with our fears.

Monster Loving Maniacs was developed by Ja Film and is produced by them in collaboration with Mondo TV, Belvision and Ginger Pictures. The series is distributed by Toon2Tango and Mondo TV. The commissioning broadcasters on board are DR, the public broadcaster in Denmark, and the renowned German free TV family channel Super RTL. Furthermore, the show has been pre-sold to the Scandinavian public broadcasters NRK and SVT. New contracts with leading broadcasters are expected to be announced before MIPCOM 2022.

The broadcasters already on board were attracted not only by the show's original themes and appeal to children and families, but also by the show's focus on values such as inclusion, cosmopolitanism and tolerance - and, of course, the humour that comes from the generational conflict at the heart of the show.