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UNO celebrates 50 Years of Being Wild


The No. 1 card game in the world according to the NPD Group is celebrating 50 years of fun with a yearlong celebration filled with new products, events, and partnerships.

The basic history of UNO is a famous one - the oft-recounted tale of Merle Robbins, an Ohio barbershop owner and card game enthusiast, who created the game and sold the original version out of his barbershop. Over Thanksgiving weekend in 1971, the game caught the attention of Robert Tezak - owner of a funeral parlor in Joliet - who became hooked. The following year, Tezak made a deal with Robbins to take over UNO, and International Games was formed. Following decades of massive success, International Games was acquired by Mattel in 1992 and UNO has remained a smash hit ever since. Mattel says that 17 decks are sold every minute as UNO is now available in more than 80 countries around the world.

New products featuring the new UNO 50th Anniversary brand identity will be released beginning this month. The refresh includes a revised logo and an all-new tagline: 50 Years of Being Wild.

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