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Wham-O taps Anjar Co. and Becker Associates as logbal licensing agency


Wham-O is looking to build a global licensing program for its iconic toy brands.

The company behind Frisbee, Slip ’N Slide, Hula Hoop, Hacky Sack, Super Ball, Trac-Ball, and Boogie Board appointed Anjar Co. and Becker Associates as its exclusive global licensing agency. Anjar and Becker Associates will develop, license, and commercialize Wham-O and its brands across all product categories.

Wham-O was founded by Arthur “Spud” Mellin and Richard Knerr in a Pasadena, California garage in 1948. The company took its name from the sound of a slingshot hitting its target, and appropriately launched the Wham-O Slingshot as its first commercial product.

In 1967, the National Football League (NFL) named another institution - the Super Bowl - after Wham-O’s Super Ball which was a popular toy among the kids of a league executive.

Last fall, Wham-O entered into a pact with Critical Content to develop its toys into live-action TV content starting with Slip ‘N Slide Island (working title). The unscripted competition series will challenge contestants to “body-glide” through a series of obstacles, including tunnels, jumps, and supersized chutes in an effort to win a cash prize and a chance to compete in the finals.

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