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Year of the Teddy Bear

In 1902 - 120 years ago - Richard Steiff invented what is still the world's best-known and most popular soft toy: the Teddy Bear.

The history of the Teddy Bear in brief

Richard Steiff, the nephew of company founder Margarete Steiff, was a tinkerer and fascinated by the bears in Stuttgart Zoo. He spent hours observing them and making drawings of them. In 1902, he decided to develop a lifelike bear made of plush with moving limbs. The 55 PB was born - 55 cm tall, made of mohair plush (P) and movable (German: beweglich B). His aunt was not very enthusiastic about the new product at first, but let Richard present it at the fair in Leipzig. Here too, it was not a hit at first, until an American buyer ordered 3,000 at the very end and the success story took its course.

Incidentally, the Teddy Bear owes its name to the American President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, whom the caricaturist Clifford K. Berryman depicted several times in the Washington Post with a little bear.

Since then, it has been impossible to imagine most children's rooms without the teddy bear. He is still the most popular product in the Steiff range, available in countless variations for babies and children and as a precious collector's edition for adults.