An Audio Mystery Game

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An Audio Mystery Game
Get together to listen, guess and solve the mystery!

For fans of escape, mystery and “whodunnit” games, as well as fans of crime podcasts and audio plays.

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of echoes, a cooperative audio mystery game. Each of the 24 included cards represents a clue to help you piece together a story. Use an effortless smartphone app to wave your camera over the card, listen to the sound associated with the clue, then use visual and audio clues to put cards in the correct chronological order. Can you use the echoes of the past to unravel the mystery?

The app has 5 modes:
•                 Atmosphere: The prologue is presented and creates an atmosphere that matches the story.
•                 Listening: When players wave their camera over the cards, they listen to sounds and conversations linked to the clue.
•                 Solve: When players think they have solved a “chapter,” they can use this mode to see if they’re correct. Each story has six chapters.
•                 Support: If the players get stuck, the app gives step-by-step hints.
•                 Tutorial: The app explains its various modes.

Unlike other mystery games, echoes is not destroyed during play and can be replayed or gifted to others.

echoes – The Dancer (20813)
The ghost of a young girl haunts the halls of a stately Scottish manor. Listen to the fragments of her tragic story and solve the mystery of her death.

echoes – The Cocktail (20815)
In an illegal cocktail bar, New York’s underworld is scheming their sinister plans. Listen to the conversations at the bar and solve the mystery of “Cruel Steve,” their leader.

•                 Languages: English
•                 for 1 – 6 players
•                 for players 14 years and up
•                 playing time: 60 minutes

Launch Date English version echoes The Dancer and echoes The Cocktail: July 2021

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1 Sep 2021

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9.99 EUR

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