Namasté – The Mini Games of Yoga

The most playful ways to do yoga

Product description

After the success of Namasté, both in Italy and abroad, here are the Mini Games of Yoga, with a selection of the body postures (i.e., asana) and illustrations of the original game.
They are three different games, all based on yoga positions, in a practical and easily transportable packaging, to be able to play yoga wherever you want.
The three games are taken from very well-known simple games: domino, bingo and memory.
The experience of Lorena Pajalunga, President of the Italian Yoga Association for Children and author of Namasté, has been applied to all the three games in order to treat the subject of yoga with respect and professionalism and give children hours of fun.
The three games are perfect for who already knows a bit of the world of yoga as well as for who wants to discover it a little more.

Product data

Available since/from:
15 May 2021