Shocken - The classic game

The party or drinking game for all ages!

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Schocken - the popular dice game that is widespread throughout Germany has a different name in almost every federal state! But it is very popular as a drinking game in pubs throughout Germany in a wide variety of variants.

The second game variant is the "standard variant", which is played according to points and agreed winnings, depending on the region.

Schocken - A fun party or drinking game for all ages!

Contents: 1 shock set consisting of 13 wooden discs + 1 red wooden disc (Ø approx. 45 mm - thickness approx. 3 mm), pick-up spike Ø approx. 5 mm, 6 eye dice in 2 colours a 16 mm edge length, 2 dice cups, 1 game instructions.

Item no.: 376.9
GTIN code: 42 600 9264 376.9
Players: 2
Age: from 8 years
Box: 19.0 x 11.5 x 7.5 cm
Weight: approx. 0.430 kg
Sales unit: 5 pieces in outer box

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