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Quiet Shaker Box Tripartite, with 20 Beads

Noisy classrooms are consigned to history!

Product description

The quiet balls mean noise is a thing of the past when working with shaker boxes in class. With these quiet shaker boxes made of plastic, it's possible to work almost silently!

The silence provides pleasant respite for all teachers as well as for the pupils as it ensures much better concentration on arithmetic when working with our quiet shaker box(es) or balls.

With three chambers that can be separated from each other, two or three subsets can be calculated. The number of balls can be reduced or increased through an opening.

Because there are always 5 balls lying beside and on top of each other, the pupils recognise the ""power of five"".

The 3-chamber system is also an excellent way to learn numbers up to 999 by assigning unit values to the individual chamber (units, tens, hundreds; or tens, hundreds, thousands for numbers up to 9,990).
To do this, label the bottom or the transparent cover of the individual compartments, for example with a permanent pen, starting on the right with units, tens and hundreds.
Thanks to the separately available coloured balls in the Montessori colours, the quiet balls can also be assigned a value (green = units, blue = tens, red = hundreds), which makes calculating the shaken result even more exciting and challenging.
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Note: Thanks to the replacement balls in the Montessori colours of red, blue and green, this shaker box can be used for numbers up to 10,000.

Size of the shaker box: approx. 125 x 75 x15 mm (L x W x H)



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Available since/from:
01 Jan 2021

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3.25 EUR

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