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Tedsy Baby Toys With Cherry Pits

3 in 1 Cools Warms Amuses

Product description

This plush toy will be the new favorite thing of your sweet little angel! It is suitable for babies from 0 to 10 months old that are just now discovering the big world around them and what we call life! What makes this toy so unique is the sac with Cherry Pits inside of it!

Yes, we’ve incorporated natural cherry pits in this product, and this is the biggest innovation about it, along with the very sweet design that the babies just love.

The cherry pits can be divided from the toy in their special sac and then warmed up in a microwave/oven, or cooled down in a freezer, depending on the needs. You could warm up the cherry pits in their special bag for 70 seconds in a 800 watts microwave, or for 15 minutes in a 100 degrees pre-heated oven. Make sure that the bag with cherry pits is placed in a dry cooking vessel. The warm sac is then used to soothe baby colic, as it takes the shape of its little tummy and gives a warm nice feeling to the little fella. In a cold state, after the freezer, this bag can be used even by adults - to soothe different types of pain or discomfort. It could be placed on a swollen knee, ankle, on the forehead during a headache, on the back, you name it!

The plush toy with its amazing colorful design and the sound of dry cherry pits inside, will enhance the fine motor skills, sensory and visual perception of your baby.

As we call it - one toy, many applications!

Product data

Available since/from:
01 Feb 2021

Recommended retail price:
13.70 EUR