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W. 45.5 x H. 40.5 x D. 8.7 cm

Disceez Indoor Golf is the perfect recreational fun for the whole family - indoors and outdoors.
Prove your marksmanship with as few throws as possible and throw the Disceez into the target basket. The soft silicone throwing discs are ideal for indoor activities.

Contents: 1 dismountable, portable target basket with robust chains, 2 Disceez silicone throwing discs in golf ball design.

Item no.: 109918
Purchase price: 19,99 Euro/set
Rec. selling price: 39,99 Euro/set

Ø approx. 21cm, approx. 150g, flight distances of the discs: Putter approx. 60m, Midrange approx. 60-90m, Driver approx. 90-120m.

Discgolf - a new trend sport! Putter, midrange and driver discs are recognised discs which are particularly suitable for beginners due to their straight trajectories. All discs are produced in Germany.

Item no.: 105319
Purchase price 1 (from 1 set): 18,75 Euro/set
Purchase price 2 (from 10 sets): 17,81 Euro/set
Rec. selling price: 37,50 Euro/set

Ø 27.5cm, 175g

Made of a phosphorescent bio-plastic that charges in the light and glows in the dark. Compared to other phosphorescent light discs, it has a particularly long and strong luminosity. For cool light effects in the dark.

blue - 110068 green - 110070 violet - 110071

Purchase price: 9,15 Euro/piece
Rec selling preice: 18,50 Euro/piece

Ø 27cm, 175g

Outstanding performance in windy conditions. This specially designed 175 gram disc is all you and your team need to take your Ultimate game to new heights!

white - 109766 red – 109767

Back in stock from March 2021!
Purchase price 1 (from 1 piece): 7,95 Euro/piece
Purchase price 2 (from 24 pieces): 7,16 Euro/piece
Rec. selling price: 15,90 Euro/piece

Ø approx. 21cm, 100% cotton

Handmade! Fair Trade! Very nice crocheted pocket discs.

It flies like any other Frisbee®, except that you don't hurt yourself when catching it. Can be played both indoors and outdoors. Washable in cold water, air dry.

Item no.: 109378
Purchase price 1 (from 1 piece): 4,95 Euro/piece
Purchase price 2 (from 30 pieces): 4,70 Euro/piece
Rec. selling price: 12,50 Euro/piece

Ø 27.50cm, 175g, made of BIO plastic.

The Eurodisc Organic Ultimate Frisbee Star 175g flies 100 metres. It convinces with its high quality standard and outstanding flight characteristics in both competitive and recreational sports. It is made from 100% renewable raw materials in Germany.

Item no.: 100952V
Purchase price 1 (from 1 piece): 6,10 Euro/piece
Purchase price 2 (from 15 pieces): 5,80 Euro/piece
Rec. selling price: 12,95 Euro/piece

Ø 23cm, 110g

Try the Spin & Fly! It combines the aerodynamics of a flying disc with tricks you can play with a yo-yo. It trains hand/eye coordination, catching and throwing skills and encourages creativity. Used as a throwing disc, it flies up to 30 metres.

Also watch the video of the article below!

109806 – orange 109807 – red
109808 – blue 109809 – green

Purchase price 1 (from 1 piece): 3,70 Euro/piece
Purchase price 2 (from 20 piece:) 3,33 Euro/piece
Rec. selling price: 7,50 Euro/piece

Ø 25cm

Great flight characteristics and easy to throw.
The throwing ring is made of plastic and has a rubber lip on the side. This makes catching very pleasant. 3 assorted.

Item no.: 109710
(18 pieces in display)
Purchase price: 1,30 Euro/piece
Rec. selling price: 2,60 Euro/piece

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18 Jan 2021