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Uncle Bubble Fun Fantasy Wand

Give joy to your little one by giving Soap Bubbles

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  • Give joy to your little one by giving Uncle Bubbles Soap Bubbles. Equipped with a stick, so that your little one can produce more bubbles. It is safe for your little one to play because the bubbles are not slippery when they fall to the floor.
  • Wave the wand gently for large bubbles and fast for lots of tiny bubbles.
  • That's incredible..that's unbelievabubble. Wave for showers of Magical bubbles. Easy for kid for play with. Fill the sky with hundreds of bubbles with the Unbelievabubble Fantasy Wand. Each pack comes with solution, Fantasy wand and dipping tray.
  • This is a great outdoor bubble toy.

The Uncle Bubble Fantasy Wand is a fantastic kit with which to make instant bubble sculptures. The Fantasy wand contains a small bottle of Uncle Bubble's proprietary secret formula. Simply poor the special bubble liquid in to the circular tray and insert the fantasy wand - no assembly required. The Fantasy wand contains uses a large central loop, ideal for 'bubble inside a bubble' tricks and creating large bubbles. It is also surrounded by smaller loops, which create swarms of mini-bubbles when waved through the air. The ergonomic handle lets bubbleologists get a grip on their new prop to properly explore the bubble possibilities. 

For more adventuous bubble performers and bubble sculptors, why not try the Uncle Bubble Junior Bubbleologist Kit  which includes fully illustrated instructions and specially designed, fluted straws. 

Using the Uncle Bubble Fantasy wand, children and adults alike can fill the sky with hundreds of tiny bubbles with a single swish. The unique wand shape coupled with Uncle Bubble's dynamic bubble formula means long-lasting bubbles in all conditions. The Fantasy wand can also be used to make large bubbles using the central hole - children can try catching their bubbles with the and and perform blowing tricks such as 'bubble inside a bubble'. The Fantasy wand includes an 8 fluid ounce bottle of Uncle Bubble's ready-to-use liquid and a circular pouring/dipping tray.

Play skills: Wave the wand gently for large bubbles and fast for lots of tiny bubbles.  

The set comes with a magic wand, holder, tray and bubble solution 4oz (118ml).

Packing : 10pcs/ Inner, 2 Inner/CTN, 0.09cbm/ 3.1cuft / N.W. : 9.0KGS / G.W.: 10.5 KGS


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