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Advanced NumberLine Clock™

Geared clock teaches time using number lines

Product description

Our signature NumberLine Clock™ range helps students to connect the concepts physically and mentally between a number line and time. The Advanced NumberLine Clock™ helps children calculate intervals of time and solve elapsed time problems. It comes with a clock frame and two detachable number line chains—one for AM and one for PM. Students simply unfold the number line chains, connect them together, and create a number line out of a clock face. The clock hands are geared to keep the correct relationship between hour and minute.
Teachers will find that this using the NumberLine Clock will make it easier for students to learn telling time on analogue clocks, calculating intervals of time and solving elapsed time problems. The Advanced NumberLine Clock also includes three different styles of analogue clock designs, allowing children to practice telling time on clock styles they might see in the real world.

The Advanced NumberLine Clock™ range includes:
• A single student Advanced NumberLine Clock™
• Advanced NumberLine Clock™ Set of 6
• Magnetic Demonstration Advanced NumberLine Clock™
• Advanced NumberLine Clock™ Class Set
Clocks come with multilingual packaging and Activity Guides.

Product data

Available since/from:
01 Jan 2021

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