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BRUDER - bworld police station with motorcycle

"Theme world Emergency Vehicles"

Product description

BRUDER - bworld police station with police motorcycle

bworld is the toy world of BRUDER. It is made up of moving figures, animals, accessories and, most recently, also themed sets, and is assigned to the well-known BRUDER categories. Whether as a driver, rider, water sports enthusiast, or in the hospital ward or motorcycle workshop, bworld items provide hours of fun on their own or make the perfect addition to the detailed vehicles. With the new themed sets you can dive even deeper into the world of Bruder. Printed wall elements with easy-to-mount adjustable feet now form the space for even more reality when playing and the new shelving system can also interact with the elements.

For the wide array of BRUDER police vehicles there is now the new bworld police station as a coordinating site. In the office area, the police officer can coordinate and track every mission using state-of-the-art equipment. If a suspect is arrested, they can be held in the cell area. The Scrambler Ducati police motorcycle is ready to spring into action in front of the police station. The bworld police station can be easily combined with the other bworld themed sets. From the selection of BRUDER emergency service vehicles, the Land Rover Defender Station Wagon police (item no. 02597) and the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon police vehicle (item no. 02526) are especially good matches.

Article characteristics:

- 2 background elements printed on both sides with adjustable feet
- 2 cell modules with cell door
- Bed platform for cell
- 1 bworld suspect
- 1 bworld police officer with equipment
- Office equipment with office chair, desk and notebook
- Wall shelving unit with shelves and brackets
- Includes police motorcycle item no. 62731

Additional features:
- All bworld background elements can be combined with each other

Size ( L / W / H ) [cm]: 23,0 x 11,5 x 17,0 (with display carton)