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My Fabulous Storyteller by Lunii

Awaken children's imagination

Product description

My Fabulous Storyteller is a screen-free unit that has no EMF emissions, and which broadcasts stories on demand, so that children can take part in the adventures. Little ones can choose a hero, a setting, a secondary character and an object.

My Fabulous Storyteller comes pre-loaded with 48 audio stories, the equivalent of 3 hours of audio stories, and more stories created by Les Editions Lunii can be downloaded from the Luniistore.

My Fabulous Storyteller helps children foster their imagination and develop their vocabulary. It is an entertaining companion for both short and long distance trips with its 10 hours battery life and the possibility to plug headphones.

My Fabulous Storyteller is screen-free, wireless, light and child-friendly. It allows bonding times with friends and family, with zero emission. The stories are all created by professional authors and respect Lunii's value: kindness, sharing, curiosity, learning, imagination and awakening to the world.

My Fabulous Storyteller provides a fun and engaging alternative to screen-based devices.  By providing a more meaningful type of immersion, My Fabulous Storyteller provides a fully immersive audio experience.

My Studio Lunii allows relatives to record their own stories to listen to on My Fabulous Storyteller. Parents, grandparents, friends can record books, made-up stories, family stories or a simple message to reassure the child. This new free function helps to ease the distance during long holidays but also strengthens the bond with loved ones and instills a love of reading while developing the imagination.

My Fabulous Storyteller is available in 8 languages: French, English (UK & American), Italian, Spanish (Spain and Latin America), German and Dutch., Flemish  and Russian.

Product data

Available since/from:
1 Sept 2016

Recommended retail price:
59.90 EUR